What are the Different Types of Chains Available for Men?

What are the Different Types of Chains Available for Men?

With the increasing popularity of men’s jewellery, many men have indulged in the fashion statement. It has given rise to ornaments in various styles and forms, enabling men to go for men’s jewellery online. For instance, they can go for bold, confident, elegant, and other outward appearances. All the different and diverse jewellery remains available to men, especially over the Internet. They can get domestic and international products for several types and kinds of looks. 
Among the various fashion jewellery for men available in both online and offline shops, chains and necklaces make the most popular options. It is because such ornaments go well with most looks and do not overwhelm or underwhelm the overall outlook men wish to go for.   
However, choosing the appropriate jewellery for men can be arduous. Thus, let us discuss the various kinds of chains for men and the best way to wear them. 

* Curb Chain

A Curb Chain is a men’s jewellery necklace that comes in a classic style. It comprises interlocking locks and offers a flat design. Such steel chains remain known primarily for their simplicity. These ornaments remain available in various widths and lengths, allowing for more flexibility with different styles. 
A thinner stainless steel chain in the Curb style can offer a subtle look. In such cases, the men’s fashion jewellery remains barely noticeable, complementing the look perfectly. 

Shorter Curb Chains, those of choker length, can get paired with other pendants and chains. However, the central ornament must be thicker to stand out.  

* Rope Chain

A Rope Chain is an exceedingly popular piece of jewellery available for men. It entails tiny links in a rope or twisted-style pattern, making it exceptionally durable. Such stainless steel chain for men comes in comparatively thicker sizes and last a significant time. 

Rope Chains get paired with other thinner and thicker chains. They work well with layering, especially if complementary colours get chosen. 

* Figaro Chain

A Figaro Chain comes with links flat against the chest. However, this jewellery has longer oval-shaped and broader gaps between the joins. Figaro Chains offer a sophisticated look and can work well as a men’s pendant necklace. 

The subtle and elegant look of Figaro Chains makes them suitable for daily wear. It can work without a pendant but is also appropriate as a men’s locket chain. Generally, the 18” version of the ornament lies in the former category. 

* Box Chain

Box Chains come in thinner styles but are exceedingly durable. They come in uniform square boxes that remain connected in links. As an almost unnoticeable men’s necklace, pendants, medallions, and dog tags are a suitable addition to the ornaments. 

* 8mm Cuban Chain

8mm Cuban Chains are chokers that come in a timeless and thick design. Similar to their thinner counterparts, they have flat and interlocking links. However, they remain connected with lobster clasps. 8mm Cuban Chains can get used as a men’s chain with pendant, paired with a small accessory that does not overwhelm the overall look.
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