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Rustic Leather Neckwear

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Dare to Wear - Italian Collection

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The Viking Collection

My Attitude, My Swag!

It's me and only me, who would define my style and what I wear, let it be my attitude or my fashion!

1 Year Warranty Certificate

Every piece of Jewellery offered by The Men Thing is supported by a one-year warranty without any questions asked.

Brand Journey : The Men thing

Phase 1: Inception and Frustration (2015-2016)

The story of The Men Thing begins with its founder, Rishi Modi, enthusiastic individual with a keen eye for fashion and personal style. Rishi had always been passionate about expressing his unique identity through accessories, and jewelry was no exception. However, he repeatedly found himself disappointed with the lack of options available for men's jewelry in the Indian market. The choices were limited, and the quality often left much to be desired. This frustration marked the first spark of inspiration for what would become The Men Thing....