Rings for Men- Types and How to Select

Rings for Men- Types and How to Select

Jewellery has always remained popular among women. However, the trend has gradually extended to the male populace, gaining interest rapidly. Hence, jewellery for men has become exceedingly prevalent nowadays.

Among the various fashion jewellery for men, rings have become one of the most opted-for options. It is primarily thanks to their sleek look and ease of wearing. Furthermore, unlike other men’s jewellery, they do not hinder daily tasks. Moreover, they go well with accessories like men’s necklace pendant or steel chains.

Types of Men’s Rings

Men’s rings can be of various types, including;

* Signet Rings

Signet rings have a unique symbol or sign engraved on their upper surface or face. It can encompass a logo, crest, motif, etc. They offer an old-school feel, pairing well with almost all fashion statements. Furthermore, these rings allow for personalization. Generally, a men’s chain with pendant or stainless steel chain offers a suitable pairing for Signet rings.

* Thumb Rings

Thumb rings are men’s fashion jewellery worn on the thumbs. They are suitable for people who enjoy gaudy accessories but do not want a burden on their fingers. Such rings go well with several looks and ornaments like men’s locket chain. 

* Pinky Rings

Pinky rings get worn on the last fingers of either hand. They are usually small and less conspicuous, offering an elegant and chic look and feel. Generally, these rings are silver or greyish and complement numerous fashion statements. They are the most broadly available; for any person looking for these men’s jewellery, online and offline shops are suitable options.

Parameters to Consider When Choosing Rings for Men

Several factors matter when selecting rings for men, comprising:

* Impression

The rings men wear can determine the impression they give off to other people. For instance, a bold and big ornament can make them look confident and expressive. Conversely, a sleek accessory gives off an elegant feel. Thus, the ring should get selected based on the impression the wearer wishes to give.

* Material

The ring’s material is the next point to consider. There are multiple options- gold, platinum, silver, rose gold, white gold, bronze, etc. The choice can depend on the budget, the wearer’s preferences, and the overall look of the accessory.

* Complementary Look

Many men wish to pair several ornaments together. In such instances, it is essential to consider the color and style of the accessories. Suppose the wearer wishes to pair their ring with a men’s jewellery necklace. If the latter is silver with a sleek appearance, they can select a bold one with a color that allows for a paired look.
The most common accessories with which rings get paired include men’s pendant necklace, belt ornaments, earrings, piercings, and stainless steel chain for men.

* Budget

Budget is a crucial factor when selecting a ring for men. The general rule is that the gaudier and larger the accessory, the costlier it would be. Besides that, the price depends on the material. For instance, a platinum ring would cost more than a gold one.
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